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Team Classic

Executive managers

Calvin Fitzgerald


Calvin Fitzgerald is an established and well-respected expert in the construction industry. With more than 35 years of practical experience in the business, Calvin has built his career on bringing the most outlandish conceptual visions from blueprints to a street next to yours... His leadership skills cemented Construction's dominating positions among our competitors.

Taylor Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Taylor's been involved in the construction business since the 1970's... His profound experience in building miscellaneous types of projects and his innovative mindset makes him the leading force in our company. The BIM and Db methods that he implemented are now the lynchpins of our business operations with all of our clients...

Josh Wagner

Chief Design Officer

Josh leads our creative team of designers and engineers...His proven ability to manage the most complex projects and bring the craziest concepts to life is what makes him as efficient as he is. Together, this creative team can be the launchpad of any project, giving it a head start at the earliest stages of the construction project's planning.

Jane Maxwell

Contractors Operations Head

While we do all the pre-construction planning and sketching, scheduling and managing on an in-house basis, we hire a lot of 3rd party contractors for the actual on-site work. Jane Maxwell is the person to manage all our contractors across all of our projects being currently in development.

Ken Ferguson

Chief Financial Officer

Ken's been working as a chief financial analyst for Bechtel; Fluor Corp.; CB&I and Kiewit Corp. During those years he excelled in this field, efficiently cutting the side expenses that were bringing those top contractors down. Few years ago we managed to get him onboard, and not even a full year later we've had a our returns in a form of an optimized expenses budget!

Edward Elliott

Vice President of Operations

Previously Edward owned his own mid-sized contracting company. That kind of a first hand, entrepreneurial experience in managing all the processes and operations for a construction company got our attention. Last year we invited him to join our team, which he fortunately did...

Team Creative

Nathan Porter


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Jean Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Payne

Chief Design Officer

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Marie Fernandez

Vice President of Operations

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Team Corporate

Brian King


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Amanda Smith

Chief Executive Officer

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George Nelson

Chief Design Officer

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